Knott’s Berry Farm

One of the most popular destinations in Southern California is Knott’s Berry Farm. Similar to Disneyland and other theme parks, Knott’s Berry Farm features family-friendly characters, known as the Peanuts Gang, and rides. As a child, this place was easy to enjoy, but recently it’s been less satisfying. In the past, the park was less popular and more humble.

In recent years, it’s become a very well-known tourist attraction. Unfortunately, the implications are longer lines, more expensive prices and a more corporate system overall. Anyone who has visited Knott’s recently can verify these changes.

Look forward to a thirty second ride every two hours as well as two hour waiting periods at any sit-down restaurant. The tickets are sure to hold their price until the next inflation time. Also look forward to a twenty dollar parking fee every time you enter the facility. I made the mistake of leaving the parking facility with the intention of returning soon thereafter only to have to pay another twenty upon arriving again. Keep in mind, you may leave the park and re-enter freely as long as it’s within the same day.

The rides themselves are not the problem. The food itself is not a problem. The people are partially the problem but unintentionally. The problem is management. Knott’s has become more corporate and harder to relate

Also, many of the other consumers were very selfish; shoving their way in front of others in an effort to get to the front of a line. These people did not have fast passes, nor were they pushing past us to meet other members of their party. The security appears to be entirely focused on the entrance of the park.

There were other complaints but you can decide for yourself if you want to make the sacrifice to go here.


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